Do you need access to newsgroups? Or you are a regular customer of ViperNews, but are looking for a new service provider? Then try Usenet. Here you not only get premium quality services but also retrieve and download information to your heart’s content. But why should you subscribe?

Reasons Why You Should Embrace Usenet Services


There are many benefits to choosing Usenet as your service provider. The benefits range from security, excellent support team to uncensored newsgroups. The list is long, but for now, the following are a must know.

· Fast Access

This service is built for speed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a 1GBps FttH or a regular DSL connection. You will be able to navigate around and achieve supersonic download speed even when your internet connection is slow.

· Secure and Reliable Service

To ensure your privacy isn’t compromised, we use a completely secure SSL encryption. Moreover, we do not retain a log of the sites you visit or things you look in the newsgroups.

· Pocket-Friendly Packages

You can choose from any of the 3 packages anytime and receive full access all year round. You do not need a Christmas offer, a discount, sale coupon, or black Friday sale to join. A 7days free trial comes as an added advantage. You can try the service before subscribing.