Do you plan to spend the money you earn on application developers? Do you think this is the only way to get the perfect app for your company? These times are over! These days it can be much easier. Using software from Triggre, even without programming experience, you can now easily and completely design your own applications.

Do it yourself through a no-code platform

No-code platforms are coming. They fit perfectly with the digitization of society, and are not only used by more and more companies, but also by more and more individuals. The code-free function provides you with the possibility and resources to develop your own software applications without writing complex codes. This feature even allows people without IT background or expertise to design their own applications and software. Less in-depth knowledge is required, which makes development easier and faster.

How does it work?

Triggre’s software provides a series of basic building blocks to quickly assemble complex applications. It focuses on innovation, enabling developers or users to directly translate their ideas into applications.

With drag-and-drop functionality, developers can select (from the digital library) the necessary and functional components needed to build the application in the visual workflow. Then the low-level aspects of the application, such as the data structure, are automatically created based on the factors you choose. Through this visual workflow, logic and verification can be easily added, and peripheral transactions (such as dependency management, testing, and deployment) are automated. This way programming is easier than ever!

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