Are you a trader or future trader who is shopping for a forex broker to work with? Then first you want to read some forex brokers reviews, before you decide to open an account at a platform.

3 ways to identify fake reviews

There are many website which are specialized in forex brokers reviews. Most reviews come from experienced people that used a brokers’ service, but some may have a hidden agenda of promoting the broker. It’s not wrong to promote a broker, as long as this is done in a transparent and honest way. Here are 3 ways to identify fake reviews.


  • Take a look at the review website: if this is an official forex news or educational site, you can be sure the reviews are real and genuine.
  • Control the link: control the link. If you see something like landingID=3 or affiliate-fxsite, than the link will lead you to the broker’s site. This is an affiliate link, and the reviewer earns money for leading clients to the broker
  • Search for negative commentary: check the forex broker on the web. An easy way to do this is to search for the name of the broker with the word ‘sucks’ or ‘bad service’. This will bring you to negative reviews. This doesn’t mean the forex broker is necessarily bad, but this is the way of how you will get some negative words as well. You will discover how the service and support is.