Fluidforming, an industry changing reinvention of hydroforming, is the first major innovation in metal forming technology in more than 60 years. This technology is different then other traditional sheet metal stamping and bladder-based hydroforming in several profound ways. It is more cost effecient and also a better and faster way to metal forming service quality. Product designers can create freely and make highly mixed designs with this form of metal forming.

At Phoenix 3D metaal we will try our best to help you with all you’re needs involving fluid forming. We try to do all of our work as cost efffecient possible as we can. Our products are also very lightweight as we use rubber pad forming technology and in addition to that we create extra strength and stiffness in the product by applying ridges. Around the product there are no corners which makes it very easy to clean. And to finish all of that of we give the product the appearence that you consider desirable or neccesary with focus on the design. Therefore you’re product will always fit into your specific marketing segment.