Used industrial generator sets

When considering a power generation unit, it has undoubtedly crossed your mind whether to get a new generator from the manufacturer or get a used version of the same equipment. A new version is obviously guaranteed to be new and arrive with no defects. Used industrial generator sets come with a proven record of performance and this can be an advantage.

Used industrial generator sets


Used industrial generator sets are cheaper than getting a new one from the manufacturer. This means that they are also readily available and will not take weeks or months to receive. The cheaper cost means you also get the same power delivery for less and could be important for a strained budget that can not allow for purchasing a new generator set. The depreciation is also less than getting a new one and would be closer to zero than the depreciation a new one would go through.


Maintaining a used generator set is also guaranteed to be cheaper than getting new parts as the vendor would have readily available second-hand parts. A used generator will also come with a proven track record of breakdowns and how often they occur thus giving a sense of stability and knowledge of which parts might cause problems later on. The emissions on used generators are much lower as the machine has been in use and modifications have enabled higher power production to be achieved at lower emission costs.


A used industrial generator set is readily available and can be purchased from a local vendor. Installing them can take less time and power generation can be achieved faster than waiting for a new set to be delivered.
A used set offers advantages of cost and availability over new generators. This however does not mean they will produce less power than new ones.