Paris is said to be the city of fashion, but increasingly come Italian cities such as Milan, in the news related to fashion. Is that weird? No definitely not. Consider it the Italian way. Because we can say much about the Italians, but they know how to deal with their appearance. Most Italian men do namely to Italian. They’re on top and looked after, say their quiet comb all its own, and usually dress very fashionable, and indeed Italian.


Fashion the Italian way

Of course, there is a big difference between men throughout Italy, but surely the men from the big cities, and they are still the majority, dress very fashion-conscious and always look good. Perhaps therefore the Italian fashion brands are becoming very up in recent years, and cities like Milan grow still further as a fashion city. In fact, Milan is the fashion capital of Europe to be, especially the fashion capital for menswear. And fashion brands have basically all the same characteristic. It is fashion for the modern man. The man who knows what he wants and how he wants to look. Actually, just as a large part of the Italian men behaved for years. We do not easily use the term macho, but in that direction the Italian way is. And that is the way men are going to behave outside Italy, with modern men’s fashion brands like Alan Red, Roberto Cavalli, and others. Is that bad, that English men are behaving more and more like the Italian men?

Well, you should, of course, like it, and this effect can of course be taken literally as well as figuratively, but personally I think it is a good idea, that the English man use more Italian style. After all, Fashion does not just have to be comfortable, it can also be quite beautiful. But there is more. Italians like to shop for fashion, online. Because it is cheaper. And the bigger online stores in Italy don’t charge shipping costs. It is free. That is bit different in England. But if you look for it, you can find it. And we mean the free shipping, or the next day delivery for clothes and other goods. Do it the Italian was. Be modern, and shop online for fashion.