structural heart

Structural heart disease is a growing problem. A large percentage of the population is afflicted by this issue, and the numbers continue to grow. For many people, traditional open heart surgery is not an option. Fortunately, percutaneous procedures have been developed to provide treatment for these patients. In order to ensure that patients are treated in a safe and effective manner, it is important to do pre-procedural planning. This involves understanding the patient anatomy and determining if they can be treated with a percutaneous procedure. At our facility, we offer the following solutions:

3mensio structual heart software

3mensio Structural Heart is an essential tool for any interventional cardiologist. It enables quick and accurate planning of percutaneous procedures, and provides workflows for aortic valve implantation, mitral replacement and repair, pulmonary valve implantation, tricuspid replacement and repair, and left atrial appendage occlusion. With 3mensio Structural Heart, you can be confident that you are providing the best care for your patients.

structural heart

Caas MR Solutions

The heart is a vital organ, and it’s important to be able to monitor its function and condition. That’s where Caas MR Solutions comes in. This software package provides several workflows that allow you to get detailed information about the heart and peripheral arteries. Caas MR 4D flow offers two workflows that are specifically designed to extract relevant information from 3D phase contrast MR images. With the Functional Analysis workflow, MR images of the heart can be analyzed in terms of volumes and mass. The Tissue Characterization workflow includes modules to analyze viability, first pass perfusion, and tissue mapping.