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sim card The best solution

When my husband and I decided to travel for a little while, we were looking for a prepaid sim card Europe so that we could still stay in contact with our families. Online we found a website where we could order a prepaid sim card Europe, for only €79! With this sim card we were able to use internet abroad, for the most convenient prices! We were really lucky to have found this, because we know how expensive internet outside our country can be. Of course it is nice to be able to write a Facebook post every now and then or upload some photo’s to Instagram.

Really, this was the best solution for us! At Kampeer Wifi you can find all sorts of sim cards that have the best prices. We didn’t want to pay thousands of euro’s for just using the internet on our trip around the globe. And neither do you. You money is best invested in things to do in different countries, like visiting parks or trying a whole new cuisine.

sim card

Online research

We can recommend you to do some online research before you travel. We found a good website for sim cards, but there are a lot of other websites you can use to investigate about the countries you will visit. You don’t have to pay buckets of money to have a good time! We are the prove of that. We would love to hear from you; where are you going? Where have you been?