Do you want to hire a musician for your reception or dinner? Than take a look at our list of musicians for hire. Our entertainment company is specialized in musician booking. Here are already 4 great ideas.

Pianist Lee John

Lee John is playing piano since the age of 5 and throughout the years he performed at many occasions in and outside the UK. Pianist Lee John is a fantastic musician who will create a perfect atmosphere at your reception or event.

Harpist Helena

Harpist Helena is connected to the Remix Ensemble for Contemporary Music in Portugal and plays as a harpist in a variety of Dutch ensembles and orchestras. She is an experienced harpist who has her own style. She just not only plays classical, but also pop, folk and jazz. With her stylish and lovely performance she will create the right atmosphere at your event.

Live saxophonist

A live saxophonist from Evenses is a true musician who has years of experience and followed a study at the conservatorium. The saxophonist plays different types of genres, like jazz, classic, pop and blues. With his performance he provides great background music for your dinner or reception.

Classical Pianist Harm

Do you want to hire a classical musician? Than pianist Harm is a good choice. He will provide a stylish performance during your dinner, reception or ceremony. Pianist Harm will play the most calming classic music on the piano.