Surf schools need an interactive interface to facilitate communication, to manage booking tasks, and to adjust training schedules. Such adjustments can occur in response to weather and tide changes, customer requests, or learning resource availability. For schools that rely on online surf school reservation system, such operations have never been easier through the Viking Booking software that ensures a seamless process from booking to admission.

Features and Benefits of Viking

Viking is a professional booking and planning system for weather and tide dependent water sports. Its features and benefits make it outstanding as a reliable online reservation platform.


Viking is deployable on the surf school’s website. This makes it customizable to the needs of the school. The following features make it one of the most recommendable water sports software:

• Supports multiple user roles
• Provides booking notifications
• Supports secure online payments on the school’s website
• Students plan and book based on instructor availability
• Booking details can be modified to fit weather and tide conditions

Benefits of Viking Booking


Viking Booking system is robust and versatile with regard reservations. It allows students to book classes and keep track of the schedule. Its flexibility makes it possible for the students to make changes to personal details and preferences and to synchronize them with the school program at their convenience. Instructors are updated on such changes in real-time and can reorganize themselves to meet the needs of their students.

Time savings

Since Viking booking supports many features, students can easily handle the booking and enquiry process on their own. The software saves the time spent emailing and calling potential clients because all the information and possibilities can be managed online. The administrative staff and instructors are left with enough time to prepare for lessons and address other training requirements. Staff members can rely on a daily planner and make changes as needed. The surf school reservation system gives staff the freedom they require to be effective. Additionally, the reservation system facilitates collaboration among departments that process student registration and admission. It makes follow-ups easier, particularly if a student defers due to any reason.