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We are Paul G. Jenner Associates, an independent environmental consulting company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As an Environmental Consultant and independent Massachusetts, DEP approved Title 5 inspector, we will provide you with a sound, timely and thorough inspection of your septic system. Since we are neither a construction company nor a septic pumping company, you can be sure that your best interest will always be our only priority.

Imagine this

You’re standing in your kitchen looking out the window. There are some men out there doing a Title 5 inspection on your septic system.

Both you and your realtor are very nervous about what the results are going to be because a new septic system is something you cannot afford right now. It would really take away from the sale of your house.

A man comes to your back door and tells you that your system is in failure, but not to worry because he can take care of everything for you. A new system will cost you $30,000?

These are often the concerns we hear about, but always after the fact. These companies do everything, and it should be a conflict of interest, but the State DEP allows this to go on.

Please let Paul G. Jenner Associates help you. We cannot reverse the failure, but we can take away all the anxiety and confusion about having a new Title 5 septic system installed.

If you are going through this dilemma and want to ask someone who has no vested interest or financial gain and is not a contractor, please call and talk to us. WE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. Call us even if you just have some general or specific questions, we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.